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I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Sydney with a doubleåÊmajor in English Literature and History and for over twenty years I have beenåÊassisting HSC English students with their studies. For some students, theåÊclassroom does not meet all their educational needs. Individual tuition can targetåÊdeficiencies specific to each student which in turn assists them to benefit moreåÊfrom what they are taught at school. In addition, there are topics that are notåÊtaught at school in which I specialise, but which are essential for an high EnglishåÊmark. These topics are: essay writing, conceptual thinking, examination technique,åÊcreative writing and comprehension. I provide specialised reading lists for Extension 1 students and mentoring of creative writing for Extension II students. Two thirds of the first HSC English exam isåÊcomprised of creative writing and comprehension, yet very few schools spend timeåÊteaching this part of the paper and even fewer students think about studying for it. IåÊprepare students specifically for these two questions as well as the other fouråÊessays. I am familiar with most of the texts set for study at Standard, Advanced andåÊExtension. I have developed specialist methodologies for the AOS Discovery and theåÊModules. The curriculum for the 2015 HSC has changed from 2014, so inexperienced tutors or university students will lack the knowledge of the new AOS Discovery, new texts and curriculum. Most of my experience has been with selective school students who have a Band 6 in Advanced, Extension I and II English, as their objective. However, I have sometimes worked with less able and special-needs students. I have a strict cap on the number of students I teach in a day and in a week, toåÊensure that I can allocate each student the hours of preparation they need everyåÊweek. The reason my students do so well, is because of the detailed and thoroughåÊpreparation I do for every lesson for every student. This not only ensures theåÊstudents obtain the results they want, but also ensures that every moment of everyåÊone of their lessons will be spent in the most effective and efficient way possible. IåÊunderstand that everyone‰Ûªs time is valuable. I am finding that more and more Year 11 students are unprepared to meet theåÊchallenges of Advanced English. They are unable to construct grammatically correctåÊsentences or possess the vocabulary required to understand the words contained inåÊessay questions, let alone understand the texts set for study. By the time theyåÊrequest my help in Year 11 it is sometimes too late to address these basic skills. Similarly, most students no longer read outside the texts set for study by their school and are simply too inexperienced to tackle the complex Advanced English texts or Extension 1 texts. ‰ÛÏKids come out of primary school without mastering the technical aspects of writingåÊand yet secondary schools aren‰Ûªt equipped to teach writing or, in many cases,åÊprepared to teach it,‰Û so says educational consultant Dr. Peter Knapp quoted in TheåÊWeekend Australian. The report went onto record that, ‰ÛÏNational literacy tests thisåÊyear show that in Year 7, only about 15 per cent used correct punctuation ‰ÛÏmost‰Û ofåÊthe time, while 10 per cent used effective and accurate paragraphs and 4 per cent used correct and varied sentences. By Year 9, students‰Ûª technical mastery ofåÊwriting showed little improvement, only 25 per cent using mostly correct punctuation, 20 per cent using effective and accurate paragraphs and 13 per cent using correct and varied sentences.‰Û My own experiencing of teaching for over 20 years corroborates these findings. It has become more pronounced in the past 5 years. Consequently, I have established a back-to-basics program for year 7-10 students toåÊenable them to meet the demands of high school study and ensure that they areåÊprepared to tackle the demands of Year 11 English. I would add that a pooråÊvocabulary is another concern that must be addressed well before year 11. My lessons for year 7 -10 students will cover grammar, sentence structure,åÊvocabulary enrichment, creative writing, language forms and features and mentoring of personal reading activities. Weekly homework will be set to reinforce lesson content and track student performance. I aim to have students reading classic adult novels and Shakespearean texts from year 7 so they will have the vocabulary and experience to tackle the complex Year 11 texts. I mentor and support them as they move onto these more challenging texts. Classes follow the school term dates. Each class goes for one hour but studentsåÊcan have double lessons if there are the times available to offer them. The fee isåÊ$130 per hour. Payment is required usually for each term in advance but otheråÊarrangements can be made. When absences are notified in advance, make up lessons can be scheduled. Prior to the first lesson students must submit one or two essays in their ownåÊhandwriting for evaluation. This ensures that the lessons can be individuallyåÊprepared for them and assists in setting goals for the term. Students in Years 11 -12 will be taught essay writing skills, creative writing, examåÊpreparation, exam technique and time management, as well as how to understandåÊthe texts set for study and what the Board of Studies curriculum requires of them.åÊAssistance is also given in project management and study timetabling. Every lesson is prepared individually for every student so as to target their particular needs. A Socratic teaching method is used to encourage independent thought and creativity.I teach students an efficient method of preparing their notes and advise them on how to efficiently plan their exam preparation. The ideal time to commence tuition is at the commencement of Yr 10 to ensure all the necessary skills are in place prior to Yr 12. However, I am willing to teach students at any of the stages of their preparation for the HSC. Students are able to contact me using email at any time to get an opinion about their work or answers to any questions they may have. As six of my own children have recently completed the HSC, I understand theåÊpressures that students and their families are under during this final school year. Every student receives my HSC English Study guide that contains a practical step-by-step, tick-the-box guide that tells them everything they need to do and how to do itåÊin order to achieve their best, including sample study timetables for those studentsåÊwho have difficulty with organisation and pro forma for their notes and quotes.åÊA more detailed description of the lessons together with testimonials from past students can be emailed to you Further enquiries on 0413274248 NSW Government Working With Children Check no WWC0047726E, valid to 12/08/18 Subjects: English – Secondary Essay Writing – Secondary History – Secondary Experience: For over twenty years I have provided individual private tuition for HSC EnglishåÊstudents, most of whom have been enrolled at selective high schools. In addition, five of my own children have recently completed the HSC.

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