MUSIC club for toddlers (18months+)

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Come and join us every TUESDAY morning for 45 min of FUN activities to develop your child‰Ûªs sense and love of music. Children welcome ANY TIME during school term. When and where is the club? Tuesdays, 11am-11.45am, Swanbourne

Why join a music club so early?

  •  research has proven that music enhances learning (memory, intellectual skills)
  • music helps develop a good sense of rhythm
  • experts agree that singing helps babies/young children and parents communicate – nursery rhymes and songs help develop vocabulary
  • group activities boost confidence
  • playing with instruments develops dexterity
  • dancing develops motor skills
  • listening to songs in a foreign language develops multiculturalism
  • interaction with other children develops social skills

What is our aim?

Music is a natural part of life for toddlers. They sing to their stuffed animals and favourite dolls, tap their feet to their favourite rhymes, enjoy their parents singing to them, etc. Between the ages of 1 and3, kids respond best to music when they actively experience it. Passive listening (in the car, in bed, etc) in good, but giving your child the opportunity to rock, march, roll, tap, clap and move to the beat will offer him/her much greater benefits. At LCF Fun languages we do more than just entertain. Our aim is to offer lifelong benefits, such as : – develop your child‰Ûªs sense and love of music (songs, rhythms, instruments, etc) – develop intellectual skills (memory, vocabulary, logic) – foster dexterity and develop motor skills (we help the children gain balance and coordination, building on the foundation that leads to more complicated physical tasks. We give the toddlers many opportunity to practice their developing skills while providing supervision so they stay safe while they learn. – encourage socialisation (group activities, games, sharing instruments and toys, etc.) – initiate your child to French and encourage multilinguism (all our songs come from the French repertoire. Don‰Ûªt worry if you don‰Ûªt know a word in French, our friendly teacher is here to help you! At Fun Languages we believe that ‰ÛÏExposing your child to a new world of words boosts their brainpower, vocabulary and self-esteem‰Û (Lynne S. Dumas). – boost confidence – create a special bond between you and your child: research has shown that children benefit greatly from activities in which their parents / carers interact with them.

What will my child do?

At LCF Fun language we believe that the best way for children to learn is through PLAY. Our weekly classes offer a unique introduction to music with exciting themes, real instruments, colourful puppets, toys, etc. We provide a fun and creative learning experience with exciting activities enjoyed by both the children and their parents. Children who attend our music club are fascinated by instruments they have never seen before (they are allowed to touch and try a wide range of real instruments, drums, piano, guitars, accordion, cello, etc.) They love the French songs and soon recognize their favourite rhymes and music.

Who will be teaching my child?

Our friendly music teacher is French native speaker with a great experience in teaching children. She plays music herself. Like all our LCF Fun Language teachers, she – holds a Working With Children Certification – has a police clearance – has a working visa – has followed a special LCF Fun Languages training How much will that cost me? All our LCF Fun Languages are $20/child/session, payable in advance for the term. Second child (sibling or bring a friend) = 25% off FREE TRIAL on request. Not sure you want to commit for the term? Why not try a FREE TRIAL? Come for a session, participate and enjoy the activities with the other children and parents. If the club is not what you were after, the session is FREE for you. If you decide to carry on, you can then enrol for the term (including that first session)

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