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I am a Journalist from Madrid who has been teaching Spanish as a private tutor for almost 13 years full time only in Sydney. After providing private Spanish classes for almost 13 years in Sydney, five to six days a week and having taught my language to dozens of Australians, Asians, North-American, European and Kiwi students here, I can undoubtedly be considered a competent and charismatic teacher. The knowledge of my Castilian language is supported by 5 years studying Journalism at one of the most prestigious universities in Spain: the Complutense University from Madrid. I am based in North Sydney, so I can easily teach in the City, Mosman, Neutral Bay, ‘Cameray and eastern suburbs. My Private Policy. Every student has a different reason to learn Spanish, so my ‰ÛÏmodus operandi‰Û is to try to accommodate my tuition to the purpose of everyone (from travelers to university students in Australia, High School students or the ones who have to pass the international Exam of Spanish Language called ‰ÛÏDELE‰Û at any level). I TEACH SPANISH THROUGH SKYPE, SPECIALLY FOR SECOND AND HIGH LEVELS. In any case, I still follow the ‰ÛÏgrammar-conversation‰Û program that I have organized as: a) Beginners. Explanation of differences between male/female, plural/singular and nouns/verbs for students to understand how to build a basic sentence. Present tense, basic future, how to express permission and duties for them to be able to survive in case they want to travel to any Spanish speaking country, will be part of this first step. b) Intermediate. Present perfect and petÌ©rite versus imperfect tenses, mixed with all the variety of the Spanish pronouns, teaching the students how to use them with reflexive, non-reflexive verbs and as objects directs and indirects, as well as in impersonal expressions in every day conversation sentences. c) High-intermediate students. They will have to learn the pluperfect and conditional, as well as understanding the concept of subjunctive in opposition to the indicative tenses that they studied in previous levels. d) The students of the highest level are supposed to be speaking at the level of any speaker originally from Spain or South America, with my system: ‰ÛÏpractice- practice-practice‰Û. Subjects: Spanish – Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced Experience: 2000-2013. – MASTERS IN COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT (Public Relations). UTS university, Sydney . -Private Spanish tutor in Sydney. -Spanish voiceover, mainly for a company (I & G ) in Sydney and the NSW Government. -Writing monthly articles and interviews in Spanish for a Magazine ‰Û҉ÛÏCarta de Espa̱a‰Û- owned by the Spanish Government in Madrid. Subject: Immigration and Spanish community living around the world. 1990-2000 -Writing articles for different magazines and ‰ÛÏServimedia‰Û, a Spanish News Agency based in Madrid. -Creative writing style stories to participate in the Spanish Prize ‰ÛÏLa Sonrisa Vertical‰Û. -Editor in Spanish.  

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