Who are the students?

Anyone who wants to learn a new skill can be a student. Whether it be musical skills, learning how to drive, getting help with an academic subject or even yoga.

What does Instructo do for students and parents?

Instructo was developed to help students find suitable trainers for themselves, or  parents looking for trainers for their children.

Are there any transactions on the website?

No, nothing.

How can I contact trainers directly?

You need to register to Instructo first and then either call or email the trainer of your choice. You can also message them by clicking on the Contact tab on the trainer’s profile page.

Can I review the trainers?

Yes, absolutely. If you are happy with a particular trainer, please feel free to leave a review. It will help your trainer to build a reputation, as well as prospective students make a decision about who they want to work with. You can leave feedback by clicking the “Review” tab and leaving your comments there.

Who are the trainers?

Our definition of a trainer is anyone who can teach or train someone else in a certain skill. This includes driving instructors, personal trainers, academic tutors, music teachers, yoga teachers, dancing teachers, and so on.

What does Instructo do for trainers?

Instructo was developed to help academic tutors, instructors, teachers, trainers, and the like to have a collective presence in one place where students can gather and connect with the right provider. This site allows trainers to receive and manage reviews, and to collect star ratings from their students. It can also match trainers to students by their location.

How do I list my services with Instructo?

Very simple, just click the “Submit Ads” on the top right of the screen, and follow the steps. You may need to register with Instructo if you haven’t done so already. Don’t worry; it’s totally FREE of charge! No strings attached!

Why are listings free for trainers?

It’s free, because we are aiming to create the biggest and most trusted source for trainers in Australia.

Can I collect & manage my reviews?

Absolutely, in fact, we encourage you, the trainer, to collect as many reviews as possible. This will ensure your profile stands out from the others, and helps build your reputation on Instructo. All reviews are carefully managed by Instructo.

How can I change or update my listing?

First, you need to login to Instructo, and from your admin page, you can edit your listing however you wish.

I’m concerned about my privacy. Will my details be protected and not sold to anyone?

We understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality. Your details will appear on your listing, but only to registered members. More importantly, we never sell any information about our members. So you can be sure that your personal details are safe with us.